The Apartment Stay

Well, I went for an apartment stay at Bayu Emas Apartment, Batu Ferringhi last Friday,
with my friends.. Jacky, Jelly, Dom, Kok Hee, Jo & Su Qing.

The adventure began with a drama.
Kok Hee’s bike went a lil haywire, but he managed to get it fixed.
Jelly was so excited about it. =)

We met up at Jacky’s place around 10.30 a.m.
Then we went to shop for groceries at Tesco.
We went back to Jacky’s place to marinate the chickens for the bbq at night.

We checked in around 3 p.m. We rested for a couple of hours.
Fooled around in the room and chit-chatted.
Jo certainly had fun with the ‘Thousand Island’ while Kok Hee was preparing the salad.

We went to the Sunset Beach to watch the sunset.
Jacky and Jo went for parasailing while Jelly and I got a free ride on the boat.
The guys were in charged of the cameras.

Check out MS.KOW’S FACE!

Clockwise from top : Kok Hee. Me. Dom. Jacky. Jelly. Jo

Next, back to the apartment to prepare for the bbq.
We went to some beach close to the apartment. We had fun eating and talking.

It was almost midnight. We went back to the apartment.
Su Qing tagged along after her work which was around 11 +.
Kok Hee tried to force me to finish up the chickens.. Pity me!
Basically, everyone was trying to force each other to finish up the food! =)
We talked until 3 + in the morning. Jacky & I played cards..
All of us couldn’t get a good night sleep..except for Kok Hee.
The guys had 2 single beds for themselves,
and the girls had only a queen size bed!
Pity us!!!

The next day, we had lunch at Chopper Board, Gurney Plaza.
Jelly & Jo left home early, and MISS LEONG left me UN-PARTNERED!!!
Kok Hee had to leave after lunch since he gotta go to work.
While Jacky, Dom & I went for a movie..IP MAN…it was great!

Well, that’s about all.


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