Bee Hooi’s Farewell BBQ

Went for a bbq party yesterday..
It’s Bee Hooi’s farewell party. She’s leaving to Australia.
Everyone’s leaving! Argh!
Anyway, I met a lot of people.
Win Son. Dom. Enrique. Ju Yen. Hin Mung. Mei Qing. Li Ling. My sis…and more..
[Dom!…I give you a pass for your driving skill.. =)]

Get to know 4 new buddies.
_Dominic. Ming Hui. Benjamin. Wei Chern.
Lolx. 2 Dominics..Chen & Chew.
Ming Hooi & Wei Chern are brothers.
Looks like we’re all neighbourhood buddies…
Glad to know these people. They’re nice.

Took a few pics. Will post it up soon.


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