complicated it is.

Gotta admit that things get more complicated when we grow up.
There are lots of things you have to decide by yourself.
Just like the saying “the future is in your hand“..
Got myself thinking of what course to take and what job I wanna do in the future..
Damn, it’s not easy.
It’s even harder when people around you start giving their own opinions.
Even worse, when they give you a reasonable opinions.
That is when, I went undecidable.
Well, it is my future. So, in the end, it’s up to me again.

3 thoughts on “complicated it is.

  1. Derek Tan says:

    Thanks for the add ;DI hope you can decided what you really want because 10 people told you this is wrong that aint right but in the end the decision still in your hands .you work until when ? June ?


  2. Li Qian says:

    hi there !! how u doing honey? hows ur stpm? i have been really busy recently. Life’s like this. Gonna take charge of our own life decision. Its really important to find what we really like to do. Its best if we can do what strive passion in us while earning income. Thats the best =) What we really wanna do comes from our own experience. So just let things flow…No pressures… Part of Life. Well, i’m not really sure im in the right path too. Take Great Care !!Hope to hear from u soon ^^ ~li qian~


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