Just random.

Sweet memories are meant to be cherished, and certain we wanna erase.

It’s funny how people keep remembering the silly things rather than the sweet memorable ones.
This is life. Creating memories; making mistakes.
But life goes on.
There are things that we should just leave it behind and not bringing it forward.

People change as time goes by,
I felt like I am not in the same page anymore.
The topics are different, the point of view is different.
I used to be immature, well who doesn’t?

Well I’m sorry for not being in the same page,
But we all have to grow up at some point…
And I’m still me.

2 thoughts on “Just random.

  1. Derek Tan says:

    ah ,thanks for the comment on my blog ,is nice because at least someone cares about it [my grammar suck btw] haha .I actually quit grateful that i feels that way [as in the friendship with the people that we think they are our friends] but same time i also feels sad that you feels that way ,weirdest thing is i dont feel like losing anything because feels like they never excist in part of my time ,maybe just a nice memory and thats it .I know you probably struggle of choosing between studying or career right now ,underneath those smiles in your face ,i see worries .take your time .whatever decision you make .as your friend i will respectbut must not regret with the decision that you make .wish you good luck[write more blog lah honey]


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