I Wanna Be Like Other Girls? Think again…

Especially girls that have low self-esteem, this line has been repeatedly playing in their mind.
I think you and I should be proud of what you have, and for what you are.

As the clock ticks, I finally learn to accept my flaws.
I love my big bones, I love being tall…
F*** the word “big size“!

About a month ago, a guy asked me “Are you a lesbian?”..
First thing that popped up in my head was “Which part of me makes you think that I’m a LESBIAN?!!”

OH YEAH! Deep down..I was FURIOUS, the moment after I heard that line.
I felt sorry for the guys, that until now, they still can’t accept the fact that a girl could carry out a guys job as well as they do.

Just because I’m strong and could carry big heavy things….that makes me a lesbian?!
Hey, what are my big bones and muscles for?? Decoration?

Just because I’m independent, tough and doesn’t have to depend on a guy to do some stuff..
that makes me a lesbian?!

Perspective of guys towards strong; tough; independent girl is disappointing!

I have people commenting and comparing me to other soft spoken; weak girls..
Well, I’m sorry that I’m not that kind of girl..
I know myself well enough to I know what my flaws are, better than anyone else does;
and I Love it!


3 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Like Other Girls? Think again…

  1. Simple Simon says:

    woohoo.. relax relax..ppl make fun of my size and compare me to girls from time to time too..BUT yet, its their problem if they felt that we’re not perfect enough for them.cheers..


  2. Jacky says:

    hey gurl…u know what, I love you for who you are, and definitely prefer to have a friend like you compared to other so-called demure ‘si man si man’ girls…it’s not a crime, but at times it gets fucking frustrating, especially with their elaborate act abt trying to be the constant damsel in distress…so yea, fuck guys who ask you that, and oh yea girls too…people can be crappy and shit at times…u don’t need them…luvluv….


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