Newbie in my Hobby-Land

I finally found a slot for reading to exist in my hobby-land.
I managed to finish a book completely, which is a good start ;
Skin & Bone by Kathryn Fox

Well, I do read books, but never actually finish reading them.
As you can see, I bought the last two books of the Twilight Series, to complete my collection.
Well hello! Honey Hong actually spends her money on books now!

I’m reading Twilight. =)..Pffft..I’m slow..I know.
Never actually have the time to read,
since I have a few thick text books to study last year.
Now that I stopped my work, I have plenty of time to read the books that I bought.

I actually love spending time reading at home now.
It’s like watching an episode of a movie before I go to bed.
All those intriguing lines keeps me going. Imagining it all in my head.

I’m a slow reader.
I actually read it all aloud, to practice my pronunciation and intonation;
Jot down the words that I don’t understand and look for the meanings in the dictionary.
Which helps me to improve my English a lot.
Reading is fun! Exploring new words is even fun-ner! =)


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