Ringworm Strikes 2

Its definitely not a title for an upcoming movie..

I’m sure most of you heard of ring worms.
Well, it’s certainly not like the cute and adorable worm with squeaky voice in WORMS 3D.
“Ringworm is known by the medical term of tinea corporis. It is a common fungal infection that comes from microscopic organisms called dermatophytes. These organisms survive by consuming the dead outer layers of skin on humans and animals. The name comes from the fact that, originally, people believed that the infection came from a worm. Although it was later concluded that it did not, the name has stuck. However, the part of the name that does hold true is the fact that the ring worm rash forms an irregular circle on the skin, leaving normal-looking skin in the middle area, which gives the appearance of a ring. The infection makes it look like there is a worm curled up under the skin’s surface. You may have also heard ringworm referred to as “jock itch” or “athlete’s foot.” This means that the person either has ringworm on their groin area or on their feet.”
This is a picture of a Dermatophytes.

Oh yes..the ringworm strikes again..
I guess, in my case..it’s call the athlete’s foot..
This is the 2nd time I got infected. The first time was 2 times bigger than this.
I stepped on a pool of rain water. It’s really itchy, and I can’t help scratching my feet.
Hey scratching is really normal if you feel itchy right.
Furthermore, you can’t possibly see a ringworm with your naked eye.
Soon it started to form a ring.
Sometimes, you can feel as if there’s a worm moving beneath the skin. Itchy!
And the more you scratch it, you will feel some sticky fluids on the middle surface of the area.

Here’s a pic I got from the internet. It looks like this.
This time is because of my sport shoe.
I wore it to work everyday, and my ankle-level-socks definitely make things worse;
leaving the higher part of my ankle exposed to the sponge of my sport shoe.
Well, the processes repeated. And this time I managed to figure it out earlier.

The white color thing is the medicine I applied.

My dad got this from the pharmacy. My feet recovered the first time after applying it to my feet. You will feel the burning sensation seconds after you apply it.
The skin will dry up and starts to crack and peel off after a few days.
Its not like the normal dried up skin you get whenever you got a small wound.
It’s totally different. I took a peek under the cracked dried up skin..
I saw little dots on the surface. I don’t wanna know what cause the dots!

I went to see a doctor the first time.
Tropica Clinic, near the UMNO building.
No scar from the first infection.

See..worms are just not cute!

More info @ http://www.symptoms-ringworm-treatment.com/ringworms-in-humans.html

Updates :

I went to see the doc. Doc said the medicine I applied is too acidic.
Damn! Maybe I applied too many times.
He gave me a purple solution and cream to apply.
Hope it gets better.


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