Hello Sabah!

Hey people..
It has been more than a week I’m here in Sabah.
Was in Kota Kinabalu for registration and orientation. Right now I’m in Labuan.
I’m pursuing Multimedia Technology, in Sekolah Sains Informatik Labuan (SSIL) in Universiti Malaysia Sabah ; Labuan International Campus.

I came here alone. When I first reached Kota Kinabalu, I fell sick.
Vomited 4 times and I couldn’t eat anything. And ever since, I’ve been having gastric.
Before I came here, I thought I could be strong and all, but..I was wrong!
I cried the first 2 days..I got so vulnerable when I’m sick..I want to be with my friends and family.
Hearing their voices on the phone, made me realize that these people are really important to me.
I didn’t know it, until I left to somewhere far from home..
I don’t feel good at all when I first came here…But I managed to get through it all now..
Making new friends is really important, to keep you’re mind away from things that makes you feel sad.
Furthermore, friends that I know from Penang that came here as well, have their own friends..
So basically, I have to create my own community from square one.

I make friends pretty easily..
I was lucky to get a pretty clean dorm, and a nice room mate. Her name is Shelisa, from Labuan.
From her, I got to know more people..Jenny, Siau San, Sandra and Shazila..
Shel and I had the washrooms to ourselves as we don’t have any house mates..

[L-R] Shelisa. Sandra. Jenny. Me. Siau San

I had sleepless nights, gastric, 2 hours sleep everyday during the orientation week in Kota Kinabalu.
Walked to and fro to the Dewan Canselor everyday.. Its a 68 million hall, very comfortable and beautiful.
I walked to 1Borneo Hypermall, just outside our Uni with Shel and the rest to catch Transformer 2 with Shel and the rest.. It was more than an hour walk.
It was tiring..every single day…

2 days ago, I reached Labuan. The ferry ride was pretty cool..
Our ride was delayed from 4pm to 6pm. We reached the jetty around 3+,
And we board the ferry at 8+!.. By the time we reached our new dorm, it was already late at night.
I had new room mate.. Her name is Abby from Sarawak.
The dorm is like apartment style..and our dorm is not in the campus. So better not miss the school bus!
I slept around 1.30am and woke up 3.45am to attend Kuliah Moral, which I think it was so unnecessary..

I’m now in the Mega Lab, checking out the time for our courses.
I’ll blog soon when I settle down. My freaking huge luggage is still outside my room..
Till here for now..
Take care everyone..Will keep you guys posted.


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