A beginning of new chapter…

Clockwise : Izat. Farhan. Abby. Syasya. Lynn. Wan. Kuberan

Back : Abby. Me.
Front : Jacqueline. Syasya. Lynn

Life gets more exciting day by day..
I get to know a lot of new people..
Kuberan, Voon Ming, Abby, Jac, Lynn,Wan, Farhan, Shasha, Said, Kin Meng, Suffian, Izat, Ivy, Cai Yi, Siva, and more…
They’re so funny and friendly..Really glad to know all these people..

Since classes just started, there’s nothing much to do in the dorm but sleeping and eating, and I couldn’t go online.
I’m so gonna put on weight soon..damn!..
University is not a place to fool around..
So, gotta work hard and score well…

Till here for now.
Will keep you guys posted..

To all my buddies in Penang, I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!
Those who left to somewhere else, take care of yourselves aight?
Keep in touch…Meet up when we’re all back in Penang!


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