It’s Saturday..

It’s Saturday..
A day where there is nothing to do..
Even worse, NOBODY wanna accompany me to explore Labuan.
My room mate is out with her Christian buddies, touring Labuan..
Should have tagged along…But anyway, I’m coming out with my own plans.
I’m not gonna ruin my adventurous day..
I’m gonna make my day interesting even by myself..
But it’s gonna be better with people around..

I woke up at 7.30 am today to shower, do my laundry..
By 10, there’s no more water supply..until tonight. Lucky me!’s planning..
Anyway, I’m gonna be dehydrated at the dorm…
It drives me crazy when everyone wanna stay at home!
Well fine! I’ll go explore Labuan by myself..
Those who wanna tag along..let’s go!!
I took the 11am school bus to campus..
Here I am, again at the MegaLab checking my facebook; updating my blog.
I’m gonna go for a stroll by the beach..
Though its freaking HOT!! but who cares!! I’m gonna enjoy myself today.
I have my shades, my sunblock with, I won’t get burn.. =)

Kube’s in the library..Syasya’s in the dorm..Said’s doing laundry..Abby’s out..
Well, I wouldn’t wanna bother them..
So guess I’m going to beach by myself first..
Till here for now..
Take care guys..


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