Recent updates..

Well..let’s see…
I got myself into a situation few days ago..
I didn’t expect myself to face this kind of situation so soon..
But I’m glad that it’s all over now..

There are a lot of group assignments..
Have to get it done real soon..
The internet connection here is ain’t that good..So I might get myself a broadband..
Hey Jac. Jelly & Dom..we can all skype!! =)
Miss you guys a lot!!!

Been talking to Caline a lot these days..
If you’re reading this Cal, I’m glad to have you to talk share my problems..
Well, you know I’m always ready to listen to your problems…
Just give me a call girl..anytime..Just don’t call me during classes.. =)

Let’s jump to something random…
Well..I said this once in one of my entry,
But…again, sometimes I just don’t feel like I’m in the same page..
I enjoy company but sometimes, I’d rather hide myself in one corner where nobody else could find me.
Having a lil space just for myself…
To do my stuff, to day dream, to enjoy music, to sing out loud…to be in a page of my own..
Hey don’t say I’m being pessimistic or whatsoever because this is what I felt right now..

Anyway, I couldn’t express much here for now..
My bus coming in 20 minutes..
Gotta get my work done first.
Till here for now.


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