Le Tour De La Victoria

Last Sunday, I went for a tour around Labuan..
I had a lot of fun..
Being out from Mutiara (the place I’m staying) & the campus…
Living life with no entertainment..
But funny enough, I kinda like it here. It’s just simple..

Okay..back to the trip..
I went for the trip with Lynn. Ju. Imah. Afif. Syaq. & Nazrin.
Nice people to hang out with..
The first destination was Botanical Garden..Well, nothing much to elaborate on it..
Well…FLOWERS. Next..we went to the War Memorial.
It’s green and English style…
Then we went to the Labuan Marine Museum..
It was rather disappointing…only the starfishes are real..!!
That’s why it’s called MUSEUM…but…we had fun taking pictures there… =)
Next! The Chimney..
Well the name basically explains it all..
A visit to the Bird Park..well..not Alpha Bird Park..Its the REAL bird park..
Anyway..there’s this bird..it’s very good in whistling and we were shocked by its ‘Assalamualaikum’ greeting..
Lynn was so uncomfortable with the smell of the bird’s shit..
She randomly took out a bottle of perfume and sprayed it to the air..
It was so funny…Afif & I couldn’t help laughing..
Despite the “good” smell, we enjoyed our time there..
And..the last destination was Taman Damai
We had satay there.. The satay is delicious..
Although, the delicacies here are not as delicious as the one in Penang,
Although, the place here are is not as fun as Penang,
I like it here..Love my new buddies..
Till here for now..


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