Trust. The basic foundation of friendship.

Weird things happened today.
Everyone has doubt when they make friends with total strangers,
Especially when all of us are far away from home.

Today, I was so disappointed and sad,
When a close buddy of mine indirectly said that he don’t trust me.

Words that were composed in my brain at that moment;
Words that regurgitated from my larynx;
May not be suitable; causing things to go a lil haywire.

Come to think of it,
Maybe I was just being over sensitive; & over reacted.
I have no idea why I reacted in that way,
Yeah..maybe I misinterpreted words that has been said.

“I’m sorry.
I trust you and you can always trust me.
And we have future together remember? =)”

mi dispiace
( and i searched yahoo for exact spelling..)


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