3 days 2 nights in KK.

I’m back in in Labuan now!
For the past 3 days, I spent my holiday at Kota Kinabalu..
I went there with Abby, Zi Hao, Teddy and Ruen Rin.
Jeff’s really nice to send us to the jetty. He fetched us back from the jetty yesterday too.
Appreciate it a lot! Thanks Jeff.

Anyway, lets talk about the trip to KK.
Oh..sad to say, that I didn’t enjoy much in KK.

I got so tired of walking around with my heavy bag..
Don’t ask me! I have no idea what I stuffed into my bag.
But I really wanna thank the guys that helped me to take my bag, and that includes you, Zi Hao.

I couldn’t get myself a deep comfortable sleep.
Damn! I had back pain the next day. =)

We went to Karamunsing. Karamunsing is like PC Heaven.
A lot of computer stuff there.
I certainly enjoyed my day at 1Borneo.
Had Sushi King for lunch, with Abby & Zi Hao.
We spent an hour plus there. Eating and talking. The rest had McD.
We watched 2 movies that day. ‘The Screen’ and ‘G.I.Joe’.
The Screen was rather disappointing, but the guys certainly enjoyed laughing at our expressions.
Super weird scene towards the end. Such a turn off!
G.I Joe was awesome. Futuristic.

The last day was rather hectic and tiring.
We walked like mad to catch a freaking bus.
We almost missed the bus twice..
And we got lost…=)
If it’s not because of Wan..We’ll still be at KK. Thanks a lot!
Oh yea..forgot to mention we met Wan, Suffian, Syasya, Mega, Farhan.
We saw Woon Chee and Wei Song at the ferry too.

Many things happened. But that’s not so important.
I’m glad that I managed to make new friends there.
Though, sometimes there’s no topic to talk about.
And Sie Yong, thanks a lot!

Surprisingly, throughout my days in KK,
I realised, I fell in love with Labuan.
The simple life in Labuan..
The people in Labuan…

Even though, I didn’t really enjoy my days in KK,
But, the trip gave me an opportunity to know my friends better, to get closer to them.
And I’m really glad I have them as my friends.
Love you people. (also applies to friends that didn’t go to the trip with me)
And for my next trip to KK, I’m gonna make sure that I enjoy it to the fullest.

We did took some pictures at the jetty. Will post it up soon.


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