The figure 2 is at the front…

Yesterday was my 20th birthday!!
My very 1st birthday in Labuan.
And personally, I don’t expect anyone to know my birthday.
I’m very bad in remembering people’s birthday..but after yesterday..
I’ll try to remember everyone’s birthday…
This is when facebook becomes handy..

No words could describe how I felt yesterday.
My day started like usual. 3 hours of English Academic class on Monday.
After class, we hung out at UK.
The cashier at Giant randomly asked me “How old are you?”
When I told him I’m 20, he said I look older than that!..Such an turn off!
Simply an outing on my birthday was enough to make me happy.
But, there were more.

My lovely, sweet, handsome friends made my heart melts yesterday.
I was totally speechless..I ran out of words..
They bought me a striking orange Nike bag. I love it so much.
Thanks guys.
(Kin Meng, Lynn, Abby, Saidy, Kube, Jeff, Lwee, Kok Phing) Then, Wan bought me a chocolate cake!! I was speechless…Love it.
Thanks Wan! All of them sang me a birthday song at the canteen..
I celebrated my birthday with everyone. (Syasya, Akmar, Paan, Sufian, Mega and the rest)
It was unexpected.. And damn! I got stomach cramp at the wrong time. What the hell!
But it doesn’t matter. I would do anything to spend my birthday with my bunch of lovely friends.
Then we went to the beach..It was dark already..
I went to the beach with Abby, Saidy, Jeff, Kin Meng, Kok Phing, and Lwee.
Suddenly, Abby told me there was another cake!
I was like “DON’T LIE!”
Lwee took out a box of cake with the ribbon still tied up nicely.
They bought me a cake too, they didn’t expect Wan to get me a cake..
So..yeah…2 cakes for my birthday! and a birthday card!
And again, I was speechless..
We had fun eating the cake in the dark…Saidy was onlining using Abby’s laptop..
And then suddenly, the rain starts dropping!!
It was unexpected (everything seems to be unexpected)
Everyone ran back to the campus like ants. Jeff was so funny!!
The way he ran with the cake on his hand…haha..Jeff had to save the cake!!

We took shelter at the bus stop in the campus.
Pris and Puyang came with their distorted umbrella…=)
Pris gave me a chocolate! Thanks Pris.
Chris came singing No Boundaries.. lolx.
We hung out there until the last bus came..

Even though, I’ve been here for only about 6 weeks..
They made me feel wanted here..I feel very happy mingling with them.
They’re a bunch of lovely, sweet, friendly, funny, nice people..

Thanks everyone! I love you guys..
Hugs & Muakx.


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