A night at the airport!

Good morning…It’s 1.54 am.
Here I am typing at McDonalds, the one and only McD in Labuan and it is at the airport!
It’s Kube’s birthday today! We celebrated his birthday here. We had a lot of fun.
We talked and laughed all the way. We took a few pictures.
We got Kube 3 cakes, a towel and a box of DUREX. =)
Lynn. Abby. Pris. Puyang. Preska. BDAY BOY. Saidy. Andrew. Siva. Kok Phing. Chris. Jackie.

Abby, Pris, Puyang, Preska, Andrew, Siva, Kok Phing, and Jackie went to check out the club while Lynn, Saidy, Kube, Chris and I are still here in McD.
We’re spending the night here in McD to accompany Saidy cause’ he’s leaving back home to Ipoh later on in the morning.
Yesterday was such an turn off! I’m glad that today works out well..
Safe journey home Elia! =)

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