It’s Raya Holiday!

It’s Raya Holiday!!

And I’m stuck at Labuan! =)
Well, it has been a week since my last entry.
Finally completed Study Skills, TITAS and Ethics & Moral assignments.
We did our Ethics & Moral presentation. A lil dull, but everything went well..
Lynn managed to finish her presentation after a lot of practice the night before.
I’m proud of her!
Upcoming presentation – Study Skills, and we have to prepare for it.
We had mini project for English Academic. My friends and I are in charge of it.
Assignments to be completed :
  1. English Academic Essay
  2. Ethics in IT
  3. 2D Flash Campaign
  4. Programming – Games
  5. TITAS drama
Mid Term After Raya :
  1. Ethics in IT
  2. TITAS
Didn’t have any plans to go anywhere this holiday.
Honey probably will spend most of her time studyin’? (so not me!)
Celebrated Kay Tze’s birthday today at McD (yeah…again)
Happy Birthday gurl! =) We made Kube pose 5 “LALA CHAI” pose!
Can’t wait to post it up.
During the past few days, everyone had been very busy and got tensed up easily.
Group assignments really test our patience, friendship and more and it certainly gave us the opportunity to know each other better.
There are good times and bad times.
I really hope the ‘bad time moments’ doesn’t affect our friendship much.
But things are better now. Just leave the past as the past.

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