Pohon Batu..

Went to Pohon Batu today.
Rather disappointed with the beach. The beach in front of the campus is so much cleaner and much more beautiful..

A few friends came over to pay Labuan a visit..2 other guys, Cherng Shyuan and Peng Hoi.
So, we’ve been hanging out with them these few days. The other 2 went back.
Abby, Pei Jie, Ying Ying, Zi Hao, Lee Chong, Cherng Shyuan, Peng Hoi and Wei Hao.

We went all the way to Pohon Batu and guess what the guys did? Fishing..
Like little kids..=) Tried to catch some little fishes with their hands
but..I joined them in their little fishing activity. Just having fun…
They managed to catch a few though..and pity those fishes..
Their new home is in a mineral water bottle!

Then we bought McD (yeah…again) and ate together by the beach in front of the campus.
It’s Raya, so it’s hard to find food here in Labuan.

Well, Labuan has nothing much to offer, but I hope they have fun here with us.

Previous days we went for dinner, in a large group.
Abby, Yu Jin, Kube, Gui Ping, Jun Wo, Ryan, Chris, Pei Jie, Zi Hao, Lee Chong,Yuan Nung, Kelvin, Teddy, Wei Hao, Aw Siang, guys from KK and more I suppose..Couldn’t remember..

We had chinese food.. Believe it or not, yeah it’s my first time having chinese food here in Labuan, besides the vegetarian stall at the campus’s canteen. (Ryan..I’m blogging about it! Lolx)
That night, we went to the airport…and NEEDLESS TO SAY..MCDONALDS!
Just sit there and chat…

Meeting up with Yu Jin, Ryan and Kube tomorrow for lunch.
Then, gotta get back to business..Assignments!! and study.

I’ll see what picture I can get to post it up here. Lolx..
Till here for now.

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