finished every assignments..
Well I couldn’t enjoy my time yet..
I still have props for TITAS drama..Now only I really have the time to do it,
But apparently, final exam is NEXT WEEK!!!
I really hope the props people could help out during exam week.
I couldn’t get things done by this week, thanks to the super “convenient” bus schedule they have.
Bad thing about being a PEARLians. I’m still considering about moving in to Beta.
Things are so much easier if I live in Beta, but it’s really comfortable in Mutiara.
I can’t possibly split myself to 2. Dilemma!
I shall think about it later. I shouldn’t even be blogging right now!
I’m supposed to be looking at my boring papers and study!..Wish me luck for finals people.
Can’t wait for all these to be over!
I’m expanding sideways..How irritating..But I’ve been going to gym now..
There’s an internal family biggest loser competition at home.
My sis and my aunt has been going to gym these days..And I don’t wanna be the winner.
I wanna be the biggest loser. Haha.

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