Just Random.

What makes life simple?
What makes life complicated?
What makes life interesting?

The answer is YOU, yourself.
It makes life so much easier when you enjoy every single thing that you are doing.
Life is so much easier when you don’t think too much.

However, life does get complicated.
And trying to escape from it, isn’t going to make your troubles go away.

I’ve been talking to people, lots of them.
I know their stories; what they are going through.
Some live their life happily, Some got their heart broken.
People get hurt. That’s life.

Sometimes, there’s nothing much you could do about it but just to keep quiet and endure it, or to let it go.
They said time is a healer. Yeah I do believe that with time, things get better.

There is a difference between forgetting and letting go.
You can never forget things that leave an impact in your life, but you can always try to let go.

There are similarities in all the scenarios that I came across. People are naturally blind.
They chose to see what they want to see, and refuse to see what that is in front of them.

Learn to appreciate what you have in front of you,
Cause’ by the time you want to appreciate it, it’ll probably be too late.
Time doesn’t has a RESET button. When it’s gone, it’s gone.


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