Curtains down.

SEM 1 is finally over!!
We had TITAS drama just now. Had lotsa fun.
I’m here for 5 months already..Time really flies huh..
5 months in this island, and lots had happened.
Sweet, weird, tension moments…
Now I can really get my 8 hours sleep without having to worry about assignments and exams!
Though, couldn’t get my 8 hours sleep tonight.
Have to leave early morning tomorrow to KK.. I mean today..since it’s 12.13 am now.
KK, here I come!!..
Anyway, I’ve added a new corner in my blog..which is My Calendar.
You can check it out at the most bottom of my blog.
This time, I’ll be staying at Tune Hotel with my roomie..Ms. Kong
Zi Hao, Lee Chong, Aw Siang, Kelvin and Raymond will be going with us too!
No curfew, and we are free to wear whatever we want.
Well, I hope my trip there this time will be enjoyable..
Till I’m back from KK..
Take care. =)

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