back in Pumpkin Island.

Hey guys. Well, I’m back in Labuan.

‘Labu’ in Malay is Pumpkin. So I gave Labuan my own version of name.. Pumpkin Island.
Sounds cute eh?
Anyway, the feeling of getting back here ain’t that bad.
It’s fun cause’ I have a lot of friends here. Getting used to the dehydrated island already.
The interesting part is the journey back to Labuan.
My aunt, Sabrina suggested that I should start this entry grandly..
I couldn’t think of a bombastic words to use as introduction to this.
Lets start with the 27th of December 2009.
I was supposed to catch a flight from Penang to KL at 9 p.m but I decided to follow my aunt back with car since she’s going back to KL, and according to the original plan, she was supposed to fetch me from the airport to her house. So might as well follow her home right?..
The journey began at 12p.m. We started our journey early to avoid the jam at the highway.
A great start indeed. We took the wrong turn to highway! =) But..we managed to get back on track in just a few minutes. We wanted to pump petrol as there were only 2 bars left but missed the Shell station. My aunt insisted that she wanted to pump the petrol at Shell station because she could use the company’s credit card.
And then my uncle rang us up, told us to meet up at Parit Buntar. He brought us to the temple and lunch with his wife. So we spent roughly 2 hours. It was already 2p.m + by then..
My aunt and I hit the road.. and then the last bar of the petrol started blinking. We kept our cool..and tried searching for the nearest Shell. Since we couldn’t travel far to find Shell, we went scouting for Shell in Taiping instead.
Phew!~! We managed to find Shell. It was raining heavily. When it rains, there’s traffic jam. All the engined turtles crawling on the road. Drove my aunt nuts for sure.
Well, we managed to get to the highway. Made a few stops to search for Touch n’ Go reload.
Now that we could continue driving smoothly..traffic went nuts.
120km/hr.. and abruptly 20km/hr at the HIGHWAY!! The entire journey was like that. And guess what time I reached Subang…9 p.m. I was supposed to be on the plane!
Met up with my uncle with his family at Old Town. Chit chatted. And went home to get some rest.
28th December 2009.
Was supposed to catch a 7.35 am flight to Labuan. Woke up early. Everything was smooth.
Left the house. Hit the highway. Stupid sign boards. Wrong turn!!! Another brilliant way to start the day. I was supposed to catch a flight at LCC Terminal..but took the wrong turn to KLIA.
Well I missed the flight!! On my way to the counter, I saw someone familiar running towards the counter. To my suprise, it was Afif. Kube, Lynn, Afif and I were supposed to be in the same flight. Afif and I missed the flight. He woke up late.
We had Japanese class that evening, and it is a must to attend otherwise we’ll be kicked out from the class. Funny thing was, Afif and I both went for the interview together.
Sensei : “Are you sure you all want Monday class? What if the flight is postponed or you miss the flight?”

Afif and I : “The probability of that happening is very low”..
And look what happened to the both of us!! Ironic!
My aunt waited cause’ she’s afraid that I’ll missed the flight and I missed the flight indeed.
So she sent Afif and I to KLIA to see whether we could get tickets to Labuan.
Afif’s dad is a staff there, so he helped us to get open tickets meaning only as stand by passengers. And I paid freaking RM664 for that ticket!!! A huge hole on the pocket!
Well, fortunate for me that I got a place, but I felt bad that Afif didn’t.
The least I could do to help him is to explain to sensei. Good thing that sensei accepted him.
Well that’s pretty much what happen.
Dramatic indeed.

2 thoughts on “back in Pumpkin Island.

  1. Afif Kamal says:

    The most ironic moment of 2009 indeed. Haha… Should get some award then.and did you forget to mention that my anxiousness of not getting the flight worsen by your "extremely-talkative" output. Haha….BTW, thank you so much for what you've done for me until this very moment. Sorry for troubling you. Especially when you've to represent me in the class. Sensei sure does an iron-face guy.


  2. Honey H._ says:

    oh haha. ironic indeed..that talkative moment shall not be brought up in public lol.i'm sorry for being extra talkative that day..i was very "geram" that i couldnt stop talking..and you're welcome. say thanks to your dad again. that's the least i could do for make sure you're still in his class. lol.


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