happy new year. 2010

it’s exactly 10.36 pm now.
it’s my first time celebrating new year miles away from home.
away from family and friends.
and guess what?
it’s so BORRRRIINNNGGG here!!
gosh..i need to get out from this square shaped 4 sided white walls cubicle!
sadly, the night life here ain’t so happening.
i certainly couldn’t feel the welcoming-new-year kinda thing at the atmosphere.
exaggerating I am.
sad to say, it’s true.
in the midst of the boringness I felt,
I wish you all a very Happy New Year.
Welcome 2010. Goodbye 2009.
Forget all the sad and stupid things u did in life,
because in a few hours time,
it is the start of a brand new year.
A brand new beginning!
All the best.
Honey H.

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