hectic week and a bad day.

Hey people. It has been a while since my last entry.

Well, this week was a hectic week and still is for me!
There were Java and Multimedia mid terms, Math quiz, Japanese homework, Corporate Communication assignment to pass up, classes..and I’m so so glad it’s all over.
But I still have to finish the new math tutorial questions and Japanese homework before I go back next Wednesday for Chinese New Year!! 3 more days and HELLO KAY-ELLE. Damn, not to forget that we still have corporate communication assignment cause we had to RE-DO! just like every other groups.
After CNY, there’ll be Japanese quiz, Math mid term, and Technopreneur Business Plan to pass up.
Funny that I still have time to blog now. =)
Oh yeah. Forgot to elaborate on the “bad day“.
I enjoyed my night yesterday with Lynn, Saidy, Esywara, Chris, and Siva.
We went to UK to get some stuff and then proceeded to Mum’s Snow House and had dinner.
The meal yesterday was pretty sucky except for the Snow whatever dessert.
Maybe because I had too much sweet stuff yesterday,
chocolates included. Hershey’s and Kinder Bueno! yummy! and = FAT! but who cares;
I had a sore throat when I got back yesterday. It became worse when I had problem swallowing my own saliva when I sleep. Damn, my throat hurts. Even now.
I woke up exactly at 5.45 a.m, searching for my sore throat medicine in the dark as I couldn’t turn the light on since Abby’s sleeping, and swallowed it and went back to sleep.
When I woke up, I was attacked by bad flu! and I had problem talking as my throat is painful.
So “fortunate” that my girl monthly thingy came as well! URGH. How “comfortable”.
Felt completely strength-less today. I’ve been swallowing pills today.
I so need a proper rest,but I had a lot to do as you already know.
Life’s all about assignments! What a life!

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