Don’t look down on words..

Hey guys..
I’m now back in Labuan..
Chinese New Year was fun..ate a lot! (as usual..)
Spent most of my time with family.
Now that I’m back here..I’m all down to assignments.
Technopreneurship really drives me crazy to the max!
That’s not the only assignment I have now..
But I’m gonna have to take it slow.
I spent my first day back here hanging out with friends, to celebrate Puyang’s birthday.
I had fun on Saturday night, it’s just that things went a lil haywire.
Whatever happened made me realized that words play a really important role in our life.
Without it, there’s no communication. And then there’ll be misunderstandings..
People won’t get to understand each other without it.
I learnt my lesson.
I’m sorry.

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