imagine yourself,
you wanna get out from an empty land.
you just keep running and running..
go up the hill, down the hill..
sprained your ankle,
fell on the ground..
and as you run..
you see places that you think you don’t ever wanna pass by again,
and there are places with breath taking sceneries that you just can’t take your eyes off;
it makes you wonder what’s at the end of the long road.
and for sure, you hope that it’ll be a beautiful place;
but when you reach at the end of the road,
you realized, that it is the starting point of the freakin’ long run.
and you are back at the empty land.
you’ve been through so much;
but towards the end..
you found that all these while,
you are running in circle.
how would you feel?
i think, no matter where u end up,

make yourself happy! πŸ™‚


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