layin’ low.

Well, lets see..What to write here. I wish I could write something more personal about my life.

That’ll make my blog more interesting eh? Well, I still need my own private zone. 🙂
Anyways.. Stuff that I don’t ever expect to happen to me, happened here in this island. Total different scenario back in another island. Besides having assignments, mid terms, and dealing with books, so far, you can conclude that my life has been pretty dramatic that I think I could even write a book about it..or make a movie out of it. (I’m not being self-obsess here.. Haha 😛 )
I’m gonna lay low a lil bit now. Life’s been crazy these days.

2 thoughts on “layin’ low.

  1. techzo says:

    from :MOE BIG BONE !! Everyone's life is a drama .. seems like urs is more dramatic .. being like by different ethnics .. hahaha .. I know u r very kind and friendly , that's y u get all the guy's attention . Keep it on …


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