Campin’ in Batu Manikar!

@Batu Manikar. the Sunset
_ photo grabbed from Ivyno

3 days 2 nights at Batu Manikar. Oh yes! Everything here is by the beach. I attended a camp organized by the JPA for Paramedic and Bencana Alam. I had fun. 3 days 2 nights sleeping in the tent by the beach. Most of friends are there, leaving facebook dead..except for Abby Kong and Chris.

Friday, 19th March 2010

I was rushing to finish Techno assignment due to the late discovery of the format! Well, I decided to go for class last minute. I followed Imah to campus. I brought my heavy sports bag that contained all my clothes for the camping trip. I was relieved that I managed to finish the assignment with the help of my team mates. And guess what, I accidentally deleted the file! and emptied the RECYCLE BIN!!!! WTF! I had to rush for the following class and pass up my Japanese homework.. But luckily, Abby was there to finish it. I was supposed to catch the 2pm bus to the camp site, but later on, I decided to take the 7pm bus with Saidy, Kube and Anass. Lynn and Jac went there earlier to set up the tent. Dilly dally here and there; waiting for people to fill up the bus, we reached about 9pm. Changed and listen to boring speech but the guy is funny though. The person who gave the speech looks like Alvin Bryan..haha! πŸ™‚ After dinner and some group arrangements, we went to bed at 12+ ~1 a.m.
Saturday, 20th March 2010

I slept till 3.30am and then woke up to bath as there are only 2 cubicles for the girls to bath. And there are 150+ people camping there. When I finished my bath, it’s already 5am. Just imagine how long I stood and waited! And after me..voila! long queue!..It was bright, and I could see the view clearly. It is beautiful. Windy and the blue sea just made you feel calm. With super warm 2 hours sleep, I continued my day trying to stay up and enjoyed the activities. As usual, there are marching. All of us had CPR practical test. Nothing much to do but just wait for our turn. This is when we all of us went sitting near the beach, enjoying the view..talking, went to have Keropok Lekor at the coffee shop near by. Love the Lekor and the sauce. My next destination for good Keropok Lekor.
Took a nap..My CPR practical went well. The practical continues. We had fun singing at the playground. Reminds you of your childhood. We talked and had fun with lots of people there at the playground. I had a great night until some people came up with annoying lines and actions! Urgh! Drives me crazy for a few minutes! πŸ˜› But I got over it in just a while. Some over reacting thing..Haha

Then we sat down and watched few minutes performances by the Paramedic and Bencana Alam people. I fell asleep during the speech! It’s almost midnight and we had to go for jungle tracking. All the girls who have their “MOON” thing are not allowed to go..including me! Due to some superstitious beliefs. Well, nothing to lose. So everyone went for jungle tracking..The rest took their shower and go to bed early.

Sunday, 21st March 2010
I had a good 5 hours sleep. It was cold unlike the previous night. I had my long sleeve shirt and long track suit on. Cozy. I woke up early to brush my teeth. And had a few minutes chat with Kube and others. Then, I went back to sleep since nothing’s on. Kube asked Veron to wake me up for breakfast. We had marching. Then we hung out at the playground. I had fun. πŸ™‚
We had simulation competition. We screwed up the simulation practical. Haha. Syasya was like “you patah dua belah kaki ke? x payah la rawat. potong saja!” πŸ˜€ After that, we packed our stuff, “demolished” the tent, and cleared up the place. Then, we just hung out at the coffee shop, eating..and chatted. Sat on the ground, played walkie talkie and had fruit rojak. I had good time. πŸ™‚
Then there’re prize giving ceremony and short speeches to end the camp. The bus came and fetched us back around 6+. I was too tired to do 2 buckets of laundry. So I went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 10 am. 12 hours of sleep! And now I’m blogging..

a lil boring and frustrated when need to use the washroom!
but i had a great time with my friends.
cool experience. β™₯

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