Bush Fire!

Weather was a little crazy today. Since the day I came back from CNY, there were no tears from the sky until today morning, out of the blue, it RAINS! I was looking at myself in the mirror this afternoon, while Abby took her nap..and I heard a loud noise as if someone wasted tonnes of water. Abby thought it was raining heavily. Took me a while to flip the curtain and check out what’s going on outside. I was shocked to find out it was not water! It was FIRE! That’s how hot the weather is. Well, it was just right behind our blog. The strong wind certainly helping the fire to burn the super dry grasses. We didn’t run away, instead we took pictures to update our blog. 🙂 The wind kinda blew it the other way, away from our block. So it’s safe. I just hope it rains!!! I felt like a roasted turkey in an oven!


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