I slept at almost 4am yesterday trying to do work.. Finish up techno. 3 more to go.

Techno presentation went pretty well with Java and Flash.
I already had a really turn off day to start with.
I woke up 2 days in a row with a neck pain, flu and cough. Having hard time to sleep these nights with my nose block, and I can’t get a proper sleep. With all the pressure and all that, I get agitated easily. Almost fought with Kube.
I was rushing like mad lady this morning trying to pass up my work to sensei, collect money..talk to people..prepare for techno..until 6+..I finally get to relax.
Went late for CC class..
And I look forward to go for McD..to relax and enjoy my meal..and then plan changed.
Urgh! Mood gets turn off easily! wad da heck..
So now..what am i gonna have for dinner?… *thinkin’*

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