Life’s been…

Glad that everything is over. This week is study week. 5 days had passed and I only touched 2 subjects! C.L.E.V.E.R

So not in the mood to study!! But anyway, I’ll get my readings done. Just got to know my Judy is going to INDIA. Like damn “NEAR”..but anyway, I’m gonna miss that pig!! 😥
Wish her luck though. ♥
Life’s been hectic, chaotic..anything that ends with a -TIC.
Well of course, other than that. Life’s pretty sweet and fun. 😉
Few more weeks and I’m gonna fly back home to Penang. One thing I hate to do is PACKING!!
I gotta pack all my stuff, and when I mean’s A-L-L, and put it in the store room, cause I’m gonna move next sem. Have to go through all the trust-your-room mate phase all over again.
I hope Abby could be my room mate again next sem.
I am supposed to be studying and here I am bloggin’! ..Watched 3 movies..each for few minutes. Finished Season 2 of Supernatural. Not a new season but who cares. Any interesting movies will do. Hey, it’s an entertainment-free island. Outdated movie is still a movie. 😉
Gotta get back to studying. Took me so long to finish one page! Damn!

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