I’m home.

Hey people. Oh yeah. I’m bloggin’ from Penang. 🙂
I’ve been home for a few days now. It’s so boring without my UMSKAL friends.
i miss you guys.
+ lots of my friends are not here.
Glad that my f6 friends are still here or coming back.
Going to hang out tomorrow.
Yesterday my aunt and my sister wanna go to Tao at Auto City to have dinner.
I was driving, and I was sure of the way but,
Thanks to my aunt, we got lost!!
In Butterworth, at the highway..
And the only think we can think of is to get out of that place.
Well, we managed to get out.
So we kinda just took a trip at the Penang Bridge to and fro,
and back to Penang Island’s e-Gate to have dinner.
Instead of Tao at e-Gate, we had Old Town White Coffee.
Spent 2 hours driving to find our way out!
Well, tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my f6 class mates.

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