total bored-ness

Here comes another random post.

It’s so boring here! Gosh. No car to go out. TV can’t be on! WiFi got problem.
Just got it stabilized. I hope it’ll stay like that until the TV is on back by itself!
So now that I’m technology doomed, I need to find myself a classic entertainment to fill up my free time. Like reading, play badminton.. do work. For the upcoming events.
My sister’s gonna leave to India for internship like in 1 week time.
Then KL to work. So..I’m gonna be here alone!!!
I can already visualize how boring my life would be here. I won’t be seeing her after she left cause by the time she’s back from India, I’ll be in Labuan already.
Now I’m thinking of not going back to Penang during Raya.
Hmm.. Abby, Lynn, and Saidy confirm going home during raya.
I’ll be lonely in both islands!!! oh no!!!

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