Answer : Yes but No.

Holiday’s been about going market, taking care of my grandma, cousins and dogs. Fetch them here and there. And rope skipping. It’s everyday routine. How realistic! Sorry mates. I had to turn down every invites to go out. I don’t have much time for myself eh. Today, some stupid dog bit my KoFi! Damn, i was helpless, as I was walking my the other dog, Snoopy and my little cousin followed me to walk the dog. I saw my dog playing with the stray dogs.. I thought it was okay. Seconds later, I heard growling and howling. That stupid dog bit my dog’s neck, shook him and pushed him to the ground. I can’t leave my cousin on the road by herself.. There was so many facts running through my head. If I go there unarmed, I’ll get bitten as well. I could only screamed for my dog. I ran back to get an umbrella to chase it away. Before I could do that, a man who was jogging near by chased the dog away. I was grateful, though I didn’t get the chance to thank him. I was so nervous to check on my dog’s condition. My dog ran back home with blood stains on his body and face. It was scary. I gave him water and cleaned my dog with towel. Believe it or not, I was shivering and crying. The only word that comes out from my mouth is.. “Pity my Kopi”.. He was howling in pain.. and I watched him from a distance helplessly. His neck is painful, and his left eye is red, and it is reddish around his eyes. Lucky thing, he still has appetite to eat. I applied some medicine on the wounds, though I can only clean it thoroughly cause’ he growls when I touch his neck. Now, he’s just sleeping on his towel. I hope he gets better. What a day!

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