Truth About Rope Skipping

The effort it takes to jump rope for ten minutes is the equivalent of running a mile in eight minutes. If you think the park is too far or is filled with unsavory characters, you can skip the rope in your house or backyard.

Thirty minutes of skipping is as good for your heart and weight loss effort as running a couple of miles. One hour of rope skipping will rid you of 1,300 calories. Not bad, for an exercise that only requires a piece of rope and some free time.

Jumping rope also does a better job protecting your joints. It certainly is easier on the knee joints than running because the impact of each jump is handled by both legs, simultaneously.

Unlike jogging, jumping rope is also good for your arms. The shoulders get a good workout from keeping that rope in motion. It is no wonder boxers and wrestlers do a lot of rope skipping, since it works wonders for their footwork while at the same time helping them stay in shape.

To wrap it up, rope skipping is a fun and efficient way of losing weight. Combine it with other exercises that can be performed at home and make sure you do at least a 30-minute workout each day.


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