The Pencil Skirt.

Lazy to hit the gym. β™₯ food. Pretty clothes. Most of us are almost the same. Everyone dislike being fat, even the guys.
Last December, I was so happy that I lose 2 kgs by cutting down my portion of food. My uncle has this weighing machine that tells it all, body fat included. To my surprise, I actually gain 3% of fat despite losing 2 freaking kgs. I was slightly obese in body fat, not overall. And I was like, what the heck! and to find that out during Chinese New Year..oh no! I feel unhealthy!! and I told myself I need to workout when I’m back in Labuan. Just like most of the people who wanna lose weight, it didn’t work out! and 5 months passed..
However, I was determined to work out when I’m back in Penang. I really need to lose those fats!! It has been almost 2 months since I’m back from Labuan. My friend Yu Jin once said to me, when we were chatting about exercising, “We are young. We have to pick up something more challenging to do, instead of just walking if you wanna lose weight.” Somehow, I managed to start doing rope skipping everyday. After doing some research on rope skipping, I found that it is a very good cardio exercise. I push myself slowly to 1000 jumps a day. Took me 25 mins – 30 mins every time I skip. Well, I gave myself a break once or twice in a week. And still go on with cutting down my portion of food.
Sandra Bullock in The Proposal

One day I went shopping with my sis. And I’ve always thought that ladies in pencil skirt look professional yet sexy! I’d love to wear it but because I think I have an elephant thighs, I refuse to even try it. Out of curiosity, I just grabbed a top and a pencil skirt without checking the size and tried it, just to get a glimpse of how I would look like in a pencil skirt. I love the look, and guess what, I could fit in the skirt, but I can’t zip it up! Haha πŸ™‚ And I checked the size, it was 2 size smaller. When I look at the gap between the zippers, I was like..“Hmm, I like the skirt. And I think I could get the zip up if I continue my rope skipping. it’s possible.” I don’t wanna be over confident by getting the skirt first before losing the weight. I kept telling myself, I wanna get that skirt!!! And 2 weeks later, I went back to the mall and tried the skirt again. It fits! And I got it! This proves that the exercise is working. I can now wear my clothes and pants that I couldn’t fit in before. The feeling is awesome.

Though, there are times where I was a lil down, cause’ you yourself can’t really see the difference. I mean, HELLO, I WORK OUT BUT I STILL LOOK THE SAME! My uncle once told me, “When you start working out, you’re halfway there.”
And when I think again, you can’t rush when you wanna lose the fats. What, you think *snap* and you got thinner? If only.. πŸ™‚ What matters is you have to keep going. You can have your favourite food but in small portion and exercise at the same time. I used to give myself 10 000 reasons when I wanna work out. Assignments.. bla bla bla. I used to have this mindset where, when you go to a new place, you have to taste their good food because you’re not gonna go back to that particular place. To me now, after all this exercising, it’s PARTLY WRONG! You can eat, but in small portion and exercise. It comes in a package! I surf the net about exercising and all, and I came across an article. It says It’s not about how long you do the exercise, it’s about what you eat!” Which is true, You can do the exercise for like half an hour, but within that period, you could be resting for 15 minutes! (I did that before..! Haha.) Maybe you managed to fill up the 30 minutes with exercise, but you have fattening food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe even supper!
And when I actually EXERCISE, I don’t think it’s that hard to do. I just weighed myself yesterday, i shed another 2 kilos and with my body fat reduced 8% in less than 2 months. (2 kilos might be nothing to some of you, but it’s something that I really work for.) Seeing that my body fat fell into the healthy category instead of slightly obese, i feel much much healthier and of course, happier! :). And I realize that, it’s not about just looking good, it’s also about your health and feeling confident. You may be young now, but you too will get old one day. Push yourself to exercise. That’s what I’m doing.
Though, take it slow. Don’t damage yourself by exercising excessively. And do it base on your own capabilities. I used to get slight chest pain when I do my rope skipping cause’ I’m not used to it. But I took it slow and now, I don’t get chest pain anymore.
I share this here, cause now, I finally lift my butt up the chair and start exercising constantly. Losing weight has been coming out from my mouth for years and this time, I really do it.
  • Not eating is WRONG! (BAD diet. Eat healthily. Cut down on fattening and oily food. I still take McChicken sometimes, but I scrapped the Mayonnaise off.)
  • Cut down your portion of food. (I love rice! But I take them in small portion now.)
  • Exercise! (Burn those fats with cardio exercises. It has to be at least 30 mins. Eg. walking, jog-walking, jogging, swimming, rope skipping etc. etc. You can do some home gym exercise. Surf the net about it.)
  • Make sure you take your dinner at least 4 hours before you go to bed.
I’m not saying that I look thin, super great, hot or what so ever now. Or that I’m a professional in losing weight. But, just to tell you, feeling healthy is great! And this is a lifestyle change for me. I’ll continue to do my exercise and stay healthy. I still β™₯ food! πŸ™‚
P/S : These are all my opinions only. No professional advises.

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