A day off the island.

3 days ago, my friends Melissa, Caline and I went off island for almost a day. We went to Bukit Mertajam. Hang out in Sunway Mall. It’s like the combination of Gurney Plaza and Queensbay. A little of both. Though there’s nothing much to see. We went to have lunch there. I pretty regretted what I ordered for lunch that day. Skip that part. Then we went to Penang Bird Park. There’s this parrot named Grey. He lets us touch him. MELISSA screamed her lungs out when I put her finger near the bird. And guess what, another parrot laughed at her.. “HAHAHA” Funny!!

That is my hand by the way. Not Melissa’s. Then there’s this small yellow parrot. He bit my finger! What the heck! And this is the first time I touched an owl. 3 owls actually. These 3 owls moved left and right when I touched them. Very cute! Like they’re dancing. Well nothing much but birds. I was fascinated by the crocodile and this WILD MELISSA tried to wake the snake up to see how long it is. And she’s scared of birds. Of all thing?! Haha. But we had our fun there. Then we went to Jusco. Walked around as usual. We went to have Bak Kut Teh for dinner and drove to Auto City. Was  my first time there though. 

We went to grab some few nice hair clips and then hang out with Melissa’s friend for a while at Ice Ice Baby. I was complaining about how much I’ve spent! and Melissa was “flaunting” her Mandarin! Then we headed home. That was pretty much the day. 

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