with chiqs at Balik Pulau.

Yesterday I brought my friend down to Balik Pulau to have durians. We used the old road, and we got lost! 🙂 Caline needed to drop her car for a repair. So we had to use the old road cause’ it’s closer. But we managed to find our way. Almost got into an accident. The road is so confusing!!! Can’t blame me for that. It rained all afternoon. Jac, Melissa and Caline came over to my place and then I fetched them to Balik Pulau Market to have Laksa and Pasembur. We had our lunch at 4pm! Super hungry. We had 2 plates of Pasembur. Jacky was obsessed with the gravy.

The laksa ain’t that good. The one opposite the old market is the delicious one. My sister then brought us to have a Malay stall laksa at Jalan Bharu. We had to cut our own vegetables and scoop your own noodles. It’s like your own D.I.Y laksa. It’s 1 buck for a bowl and 1 buck for the orange juice. You can refill the soup for the laksa.
Then we headed to my grandma’s place to have some durians. We were really full that day. 
We had to leave early cause’ Jac had to go for a dinner with her family. So I dropped her at her mum’s office. Then drove Cal to get her car from the mechanic’s then we went for dinner at Jumbo somewhere in Kenari. We didn’t expect the portion to be so JUMBO!!! RM7.90 for Fish n’ Chips. 3 pieces of fillets + vege + 4 pieces of wedges!! I couldn’t finish it. FULL!! Next time, we’re so gonna order 1 plate for 2.

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