atmospheric change.

after wanting so badly (exaggerating) to stay in campus, i finally got to feel how those ‘campusian’ feels like when they stay in the dorm in campus. i stayed off campus for 1 year and staying here in campus is a total new environment for me. at first when i got in here, i thought things was gonna be horrible! lucky for us, Abby & Veron (my new roomie), we are staying on the first floor. and guess what, no water! we had to go down to the water tank, which  is lucky enough for us (again), that the water tank is nearby. we brush our teeth, wash our face, wash our clothes, and some people even bath there. we had to fill up pails of water to bath. we ladies are building muscles! and if we wanna do our “business”, we had to walk far away to the tower where there is water. but happy news for us, today, finally, they managed to finish fixing the pump and now we have water in our washroom!! it’s a wonderful, great, awesome, euphoric news for me! πŸ™‚ basically, i love my room. i love the balcony. most of my friends are in campus. which makes the whole campus a happening place for me. now i don’t have to chase for the bus! woohoot! i just have to walk back to my room. far, but..take it as an exercise. あるいてです。 (walk in Japanese!)

oh yeah, talking about japanese. we are having 9 hours of japanese now. 2 extra classes for JLPT exam end of this year! 6 HOURS OF JAPANESE CLASS ON MONDAY. 3 HOURS ON THURSDAY. brain freeze! i signed up for it, now i have to deal with it!


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