selamat hari raya!

selamat hari raya everyone! especially to my muslim friends. it has been a while now since my last entry. life’s been really hectic when there’s additional 6 hours of japanese every week. 9 hours in a week! just imagine. well, we need all the time we can get before jlpt exam end of this year. 2 weeks of holidays.. there’s a lot to do, and i haven’t start any of it. so in the holiday mood. and i have to say, it’s pretty boring here in this little island. for the pass few days, all i did was going to town, watch movies in the room and skipping. my life is now pretty much centralized in labuan now. not totally..but most of the time. damn, i need to start my work! due to budget constraint, i wouldn’t wanna get out of this island. i need to find something fun to do here really! any suggestions??


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