maybe things never really change..

study week had started. for the past four days i’ve been attending 3 and a half hours of JLPT Intensive Course. man..tiring it was but I learnt a lot. life’s pretty dull. all i did was the same thing everyday. bad thing about staying in room all day is that, you tend to think too much of stuff. sometimes the problem wasn’t there, but you create it by thinking too much. but sometimes, the problem you thought of isn’t entirely wrong. it drives me crazy really, staying in room all day. it messes with your head. seriously hard to find someone who actually listens to you and take you for account even the people closest to you. it was all suppressed within me and i could not find someone to talk to. blog is a place where you can express it all by typing. more like talking to yourself, no feedback. but at least you don’t get people raising their voice at you when you complain, taking your words for granted and give you stupid advises. man, i’m glad i have a blog. you know, people take words for granted. they do not understand the beauty of it. words are something that you can’t take back after it was out from the voice box of yours. words are something that you use to communicate with others. words make you happy. words make you sad. i now  see a different angle of words. sometimes, things are better when it’s not said.


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