finish!! finally

finally! i finally finished my finals. man..there’s are too many “fi” here. anyway, i feel much more relax now that exam is finished. but i have one more JLPT exam to go. and then, home sweet home. i felt so weird after finish exam cause these past few weeks, all i did when i have free time, is to have a book on my hand. now that i’m free, it felt so wrong to enjoy the moments. but anyway, 1 an a half hour ago, i attended a friend’s birthday party. i did a video for her, as requested by her boyfriend. total sweetness! 🙂 never thought a man that macho could come out with a plan like that. haha. so anyway, happy birthday Bibian! and also to Chris. Happy Birthday! have a great 21st birthday guys!

so now that i’m having my short less-than-one-day holiday, i’m feeding myself to the mosquitos here at library cafe just to use the internet! i’m thinking of getting maxis broadband, now that they have 3G here in Labuan. will be much easier to go online in room. im gonna go back to my room now. see ya guys. will update soon. good night.


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