JLPT adventure!

blogging from Penang! oh yea..I’m home baby! well, let me tell you what i did before i came home.

3rd of December
We took the 6.30 am bus from campus to jetty. We had an 2 hour plus journey to Menumbok Jetty in Kota Kinabalu. At least they put on some good movie this time, Step Up 3D. Well, i was so blur early in the morning that I closed the door on my leg at the ferry. I was stucked at the door and I almost fell. How silly that is. Well, the wave is stronger at this time of the year so I felt a little dizzy. I was on my way to the washroom at the ferry, and there was this kid, throwing a plastic bag of Styrofoam with noodles in it into the sea!!! I was so freaking angry that I stared at the kid. The parents was just there staring at me and I stared back at them. NO WONDER THE SEA IS SO DIRTY!! There are rubbish bin nearby! The parents did not even scold their kids for doing that! PARENTS SHOULD EDUCATE THEIR KIDS!!! such a turn off!!

Enough about that. So we took the UMS bus from Menumbok to the place where we were suppose to stay, University Apartment. And guess what, the bus driver dropped us at the wrong place and left! So we hung out around there to have lunch. Thanks a lot to Wei Song for calling the person in charge to settle the problem. Well, after some discussion, we were brought to Kingfisher instead. The house was pretty clean and huge. The girls stayed in 1 unit and the boys stayed next door. We just had to walk out to the main road to get ourselves dinner. After dinner, we rested at home.

4th of December
1 more day to go for JLPT exam! damn. I woke up early morning to study. I did not have a good sleep as it was too cold and the bed was too hard. We did not have pillows or blankets as our bags were already heavy enough with the 8 Japanese text books we brought along to study for exam. We then went to 1Borneo by bus. We had lunch, walked around and went back home to study. Veron, Adriana and Yuli stayed at the mall, while the rest of us decided to go back to Kingfisher. The bus dropped us at the main roundabout at Kingfisher and we had to walk all the way back to our place. We played a while at the playground nearby. Wei Chien, Wei Song and Alvin spoiled the bridge! Haha 🙂 We walked out together for dinner later in the evening and we studied through the night for JLPT exam.

5th of December
The day has finally arrived! We entered the examination hall at 2pm. The room was so stuffy that a few of us that sat behind got headache because of the carbon dioxide and the heat in the room. There were 3 parts in the exam and there were 15 minutes intervals between those papers. Vocabulary and Listening was pretty easy. But Grammar was pretty hard. I think all of us did pretty okay in the exam. Exam finished at 5.30pm. Man I was so relieved when it ended! We then dropped Abby, Khaulah and Alvin at the airport, and the rest of us went to Filipino Market. Uncle Chong dropped us at Central Point (Is that how they spell it?) and we walked on foot to Filipino Market. We had a pretty enjoyable walk. Uncle Chong brought us to the watch tower where we saw the night view of the town area. For one second, we felt like we were tourists. Then we headed home. Surprisingly, that night was the only night i can sleep pretty well despite the pain on my back.

6th of December


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