It was Christmas..

25th December 2010

It was Christmas..I went to Jacky’s annual Christmas party with my friends. I totally had fun. And I learn to play the in-game Monopoly Deal. It was fun. Meow taught all of us how to play. Jacky was so funny. She played the JUST SAY NO! action card with style, and just to find out that she could not use the card! LOL. That was what the boobies did. 🙂 As for the guys, they were playing poker with Nicole. Well, Nicole declared that she was a guy that night. 😉 It was fun to watch Gajen when he played poker. He was so into poker. Chris sucks in lying in the poker game. Haha, but we were all having fun that night. It might be a little late to wish all of you, but who cares.. MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! This Christmas wasn’t like any other Christmas that I ever had for me. There were a lot of memories that I would ponder and there were a lot of things that I had learned.

26th December 2010

Another reunion with my form 6 ex-school mates. From left : Chia Ling. Me. Sue Voon. Mello. Lai Theng. Mei Hsien. Sie Yong. Shirley.
It has been a while since I last met them. We had BBQ behind Flamingo Hotel (previously the location of Crown Prince Hotel). We had trouble with the fire at first, and trouble bbq-ing the chicken as it was hard to cook. But we ended up very fulled up. 😉 Food has always been our thing. Lol. Being at the beach, reminded me of Labuan. I miss my friends there. But anyway, I’ll be going back real soon, which is this Sunday. 😥 I haven’t have enough of holidays. But there’s nothing I could do about it. Until here for now. Will blog again soon. And I hope you guys got to enjoy a very merry Christmas with your loved ones. See ya soon. 


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