it’s good to be early than late!

Due to my phobia towards missing flight, i’ll always be 2 hours earlier at the airport. 😀 silly i am. But it was so proven wrong, when the car that we were in, when we were on the way to airport had no petrol left in the tank! WE WERE STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!! Veron, Kin Meng and I were suppose to fly off to KL at 5.20pm. I decided to get a car at 2.30pm. Saidy, Kube and Esywara was also in the car. That was super early but safe! So we were stuck there for about 30 minutes, until my friends came for our rescue. They got 2 bottles of petrol and filled up the tank. I found the incident so exciting and funny, HAHA. stucked in the middle of no where with my friends. And we took some pictures, and video to remember the incident. What a journey back to Penang for Chinese New Year. Man, I love my friends a lot. They are the people that makes my life in Labuan meaningful and happy. i’ll let the pictures do the talking.


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