Hoppin’ Rabbit!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! May all of you have a great Rabbit year and even better in the following years! I love CNY, especially the reunion dinner, where every single family members are back and have dinner together. This year, we had bbq. And the highlight of CNY is the ANG PAOS!! WOOHOOT! Our family still maintain the tradition of visiting relatives and spending time with family, unlike the youngsters these days. They prefer to hang out with friends. I had a lot of fun at home. Just yesterday, I shed tears like twice. Haha. We were all watching Hachiko : A Dog’s Story, about a dog named Hachi who waited for his owner for 9 years, at the same spot everyday, at the same time, not knowing that his owner had passed away. He waited there until the day he died. They now have a statue of Hachiko. Read more.

We cried like mad! My uncle and his family went back to KL this morning. They said goodbyes to my grandma yesterday night. My young cousins gave my grandmother hugs and kisses. She was very happy. There are language barriers between my cousins and grandma. My cousins can only speak English and Malay, which my grandma does not comprehend. The hugs and kisses meant a lot to her, as she hugs them back tightly. I burst into tears, as the atmosphere was touching and meaningful. 🙂 Overall, I’m having a good time at home! and I have assignments to finish up!!! SIGH. But anyway, here are some photos to share.


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