Boys Trouble?

Boys. Everywhere I go these days, I hear boy trouble. It’s funny how everyone share almost the same situation. It’s like the boys memorized their lines from a script book, just that each of them alter the story line a little. Guys don’t understand what is going through a girl’s mind, and vice versa. You guys think it’s so hard to please a girl, but it’s actually not.

You don’t have to give her a bouquet of flower to make her happy on valentines day. Sometimes a peck on the cheek and 1 rose, just ONE, to make your partner happy.

When she’s sick and not feeling well, all she wants is someone to ask her how she’s doing, and a simple “drink more water, and get some rest.” will make her feel happy. But some guys will say “I’m not a doctor, what you want me to do?”. Some will just ignore it when you tell them because, they think you can take good care of yourself?

Girls are more emotional most of the time. And they would like to hear you boys say “I miss you” or “I love you“. But let me tell you boys, say it like you mean it! It hurts if the girls find out that you just say it to make them happy, but actually don’t mean it. True, to some guys, action speaks louder than word. It’s okay. Just show them that you love them. No problem with that.

Some guys said, girls are so demanding, that they want you to message them all them time, and be there with them all the time. Some girls do that. But to some, all they want is just a few messages everyday,and hang out for a while everyday. I don’t know why, guys just love to interpret hanging out and messaging often is 24 HOURS! what, you guys message and hang out when you sleep too?! Sometimes, the girl just misses you, even though you guys hang out everyday, and message often.

Let’s not deny, that boys love to check out girls. True? Okay, because of this attitude, here comes security issue. The confidence level in your partner drops when you guys check out another girls. She will think, oh she’s hotter than me? she’s slimmer than me? And then when you guys are far apart, she will start thinking, “is he with other girls now?” They don’t feel so secure. Which is why, you can’t blame the girl entirely, when your partner thinks too much, or feels jealous. So guys, try to make her feel more secure or tell her what were you thinking of when you look at those chics. But hey, if the girl gets jealous, means she like you. You should be happy. But of course, most of us girls, will try not to get so jealous.

 Most guys just think about themselves. Try to think from your partner’s point of view. Be understanding. And when the both of you have issues, talk about it. Just between the both of you. And if you wanna make things work, I’m sure you guys will find a solution to it.

I’m not an expert in relationship. But all I can tell you, is what is going through in most of us girls’ mind. So, forgive me if I don’t speak what is in the boy’s mind. Till here for now. Gotta get back to assignments! Will post more soon! πŸ™‚


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