Japanese Language Study Trip

20 March 2011
It was a very anxious day for me, for all of us. (Hanin, Veron and Abby.) とても しんぱいしました。It was the day where we will have to speak Japanese more that usual and make conversation with our せんせい。It was 7.50am in the morning, and we went into his office at 8am sharp. He was wearing smarter than usual. We had to invite him out to town with us. We told him our plan. So we went to Utama Jaya, then to the museum and to Mawilla Yacht Club Restaurant to have lunch. We have to give him direction every single time he walked. He would even walked towards an obstacle until we gave him direction to move away. We managed to get out from the campus. That is a good start. Phew. We made small conversations with him on our way to town. And lucky thing, he was pretty easy to make conversation with. Along the way, we learned a lot of new Japanese vocabulary. At the end of the day, it has to be in our study trip report.

He stopped at a lot of places to take pictures. We took a lot that day! Even in the middle of the road! He then took us to some coffee shop near Utama Jaya. He treated us. We got to know him more than just our teacher. After breakfast, we then proceeded to Utama Jaya to do our shopping task. Each of us are given a shopping task. Each of us are given different things to buy and he instructed us in Japanese. I was given a task to get a packet of 1kg soap powder, 2 red pens and 1 box of small paper clips. Lucky thing I got it right.

He then brought us to Delihan Bakery Shop. He gave us 20 bucks to get some breads. He asked us to spend it all. He made us feel difficult to react. Nevertheless, we spent it. We then proceeded to Labuan Museum. We taught him the words in Malay, and he taught us back the word in Japanese. It really was a study trip.

Again, on our way to the restaurant, he took a lot of pictures. Even I could not describe. He has this camera, which is pretty old, and it releases smoke whenever he snap a photo. How adorable. When I asked him why he don’t get a new camera since he loves to take beautiful scenery. And he told us that he’s not a professional, and he only take the photos for his own view only. You know, he does know how to take beautiful photos, with beautiful clouds design. He refuses to let us take his photo or videos. 😉

Anyway, he ordered 9 dishes! And we were so fulled up that we had to take way some of the food. He was really smart. He took so little!! While waiting for the dishes, we had to report to him about our shopping task. After lunch, he gave us some photo albums and each of us had to ask him about 7 questions about the photos. We then have to show him the photo that we wanted to tell him about. I talked to him about my grandma. He even remembered that I wrote about her in my essay.

We got back to campus about 4pm which was 2 hours behind our schedule. On our way back, he told us a couple of ghost stories that he heard from his colleague. Overall, I had a lot of fun out with him and my friends. It was challenging, crazy and delicious! He was very kind, cute in his own way and very gentleman. せんせいは しんせつなひとです。どうもありがとうございました。


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