im awake.

I just talked to my room mate, she said a few things that changes my perspective of things. Something good about her is that, most of the time she thinks of a situation positively, and in a different angle that I don’t think of. Earlier, I felt disturbed, but now, not anymore. 🙂

I begin to think of the situation positively, and from a different angle. What matters is now is that, I still own this precious friendship, and I am very grateful and happy to have such a wonderful person in my life. I should be thinking of making things better and create a happy ending for my story, and not a emo-dramatic ending to it.

Life is too short to make life emo-dramatic-sadist story. Mine, should be filled with happy, amazing people, and adventurous! All I’m gonna do now is to cherish what I have with my friend, a sweet adorable person & create less frustration for my friend. ♥


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