the snake temple.

today i brought my sis to the snake temple. impromptu. so we actually learned a lot about snakes today, and touched a few freaking huge python. they are smooth, silky and cold. they have a really slow digestive system. they take about 2 – 3 months to digest their food. and we saw a 10m long python. it can eat a whole freaking cow. when it opens the mouth, it can stretch 3 times more, to swallow it’s prey. that’s because their jaw is dislocated. cool huh. and they took about 1 week to change their skin entirely. 2 months once i think. and rocks are put in the tank where the snake is to help him change their skin. if the skin does not change properly and accumulated on the back layer by layer each time they change their skin, they would die.

The uncle also said that if a snake is 1 – 2 m right in front of you, stay still and don’t panic. if we panic, and move, the snake will bite you. so the key is to stay quietly and after some time, the snake will move away. if it’s quite a distance, then don’t run and move away slowly.

i’m surprised i remembered what he said. 🙂 we watched a smaller python ate a white rat. and you know what, he does not have a chance to even blink, the snake bit it and strangled it. even i don’t even have time to blink watching that happened. pity the rat. but anyways, here are some of the pictures that we took there.




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